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About - My Story

As a small child I created several pieces I was very proud of: a kindergarten crayon drawing of rocks along a creek, and in 3rd grade a parrot created out of glued together wooden blocks in a box turned into a cage. I met my step-Grandmother at the age of ten, who became a mentor, idol and best friend. That first summer she introduced me to the world of oil painting. She was quite a talented and prolific artist, having been both a student and a teacher most of her life. I admired her examples of perseverence and dedication. I studied art in college, both art history and fine art, but graduated with degrees in graphic design and marketing (a gal has to make a living!). One thing I did not love was “creativity on demand”. Working as a designer on tire ads and Chinese menus was a chronic disease to my own creativity. I was able to find my way and have a varied career with many memorable opportunities.  It wasn’t until the kids were grown, 37 years of life in the corporate world ended, and working with an amazing Creative Coach that the path that began as a child reappeared and grew into a full-time passion.  


Now there is no looking back—except with gratitude for the opportunity to live my best creative life!

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